CageMatch Rules

  1. Each team will be given 25 minutes to perform, no more, no less. A timer on-stage will tell us when their time is up.
  2. No player can touch the clock during the show. Penalty for doing so is 5 votes subtracted for each infraction. Penalty will only be assessed if the clock was touched deliberately and intentionally.
  3. No chicking kicken wings into the audience.
  4. No player may throw an audience member at a chair no matter how drunk either party may be.
  5. Each member of the audience is given 1 ballot as they enter the arena. Do not lose your ballot, as you will not be given a new one.
  6. Once the show begins, no more ballots are given out. You must watch both teams to have a vote.
  7. That night's performers are not allowed to vote, however, everyone else in the room is eligible to vote. The interns and house manager will count the ballots. The team with the most number of audience votes wins.
  8. Write in votes for teams not actually competing will be disallowed.
  9. The decision of the host is final. No whining. No recounts. In the event of a tie, there will be a rematch the following week.
  10. This is meant to be a friendly competition.
  11. The host can assess penalties and make up rules at his discretion.
  12. Stacking the audience is not only allowed, but encouraged.
Next Fight on Jul 25:
The Lake at Dawn
"It's romantic and kinda scary"
SEASON RECORD: 6 - 0 - 0
* As far as we know, Eastern Division.
Hell Jr
"Hell is other fathers"
SEASON RECORD: 0 - 0 - 0
SCORES FROM: 2024-07-18
FKA Deb 22
The Lake at Dawn 41